About Conflict Roleplay

Priding ourselves on realism and respect, Conflict RP puts the roleplay first. Giving you a friendly, fun, and exciting place to create new stories, continue old ones, and form great relationships with the community around you. With over a decade of roleplaying experience between our small team, we're excited to share our vision of what Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay can be. Whether you're a police officer, taxi driver, gangster, or busker, ConflictRP promises to give you the space you need to tell the story you wish to tell - with the people and community there to support you the entire way. Veteran of story-telling, or first-time roleplay, everyone is welcome to join us in San Andreas on this amazing journey.

GTA V Roleplay Server

ConflictRP’s Grand Theft Auto V roleplay server provides advanced, in-depth & unique gameplay mechanics that enhance your roleplay experience. From advanced character customization to zone based weather. We have staff from all around the world covering many different time-zones meaning a member of our moderation team is always available to contact. Our team take moderation seriously & have no tolerance for rule breaking.




From Law Enforcement Officer to Taxi Driver, ConflictRP’s Grand Theft Auto V server provides an experience for everyone, whatever you want to do.

Every day will be different in Los Santos, with new people, experiences, events & more!

With regular updates and an active development team, there is always something new to discover.


Play Now!

  1. Download FiveM.

  2. Launch the FiveM client and search for Conflict Roleplay.

  3. Connect by double clicking the server in the list.

  4. Enjoy your time in Los Santos!

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